Years of passion for the Fine Jewelry

Nagi Jewellery’s designs are based on the principles of beauty, luxury and convenience. A collection that is both classic and timeless. Simple designs accompanied by modern and traditional diamond’ settings. Our collection featured the Enlightenment, Enticement, Fascination and Lucidity series. Our collection is ensemble of Classic & Timeless, simple designs accompanied by Modern and Traditional Diamond Settings.

At Nagi we provide market for luxurious goods seek jewellery pieces that imply bespoke rarity and impeccable taste. Crafted with perfection and adorned with proficiency, each masterpiece stands testimony to our passion for innovation. Combined with our dedicated global design team’s aesthetic sense, our individual piece of art are transformed into definite show’ stoppers. Each and every creation is given personalized attention right from the inception of the though to the craftsmanship. Our team meticulously studies trends in the global market to constantly understand the evolving needs of todays contemporary women.



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Fine Jewellery

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